Cartoon Characters

This project has been so exciting for me. I started out at the beginning of the year thinking I was just going to write a book. Now thanks to my amazing “Mad Scientist” and marketing guru, Bruce Fischer, I am now creating a book series, product line, online women’s community, and seminar series! The best part is that it comes complete with my own line of cartoon characters, thanks to the skilled cartoonist Ted Gillespie.

Here is some of the evolution of the character development…

First we chose a male character from a number of characters faces:

Then we developed the character’s expressions and fine tuned the look:

I was given a selection of different expressions to make sure he was always showing off his mood.

After we fine tuned Husband’s “look,” we were able to develop a family of characters for him, Wife and Dog:

And finally we worked on bringing the family to life with color:


What a fun process, I never thought I would have my own cartoon characters! I can’t wait to see what the future holds for “My Grumpy Husband.”

After all of the hard work put forth from my team, and the final touches from Jon Dixon, we have a book cover for the first book, I love it!