About the Book

My Grumpy Husband is a book series in progress. The theory of the first book is based on the concept that men are very simple creatures and assumes that often times women think they are more complicated than they really are. Men truly only need a few things to keep them content with their lives; however, if one of those things get out of balance THERE IS A BIG PROBLEM. Your seemingly mature, composed, grown-up husband is quickly converted into a GRUMPY HUSBAND. I believe that most of these basics apply to all men, not just husbands, but to ex-husbands, boyfriends, teenagers, etc…

… As wives, women, girlfriends, and even mothers, we have seen this breakdown occur with our men over and over again. However, there has never been a unified effort by women to identify the reasons why, what I like to call the “Grumpy Trigger Points.” This book is an effort to identify the basics, compile them into one source, and share them with women around the world.

Henceforth this website and the My Grumpy Husband book series, will compile the experiences, anecdotes, histories, and general woes of women and wives who have watched as their MEN are quickly and uncontrollably converted into GRUMPIES.

Now ladies, don’t worry, I have discussed this theory with MANY men and even they admit that this conclusion is very accurate. In fact, when I reveal my six secret “Grumpy Trigger Points” to men they are enlightened, intrigued, and grateful for the revelation. Sometimes they have not even done the self analysis to understand why they get grumpy.


Often times the “Grumpy” will be expressed through yelling, the silent treatment, complaining about a dirty house, too much noise, too little noise, not enough of this or that… But at the ROOT of the problem the “Grumpy” is caused by six factors or trigger points that all begin with the letter “S”.

The first book My Grumpy Husband compiles the Six S’s so that everyone will know what they are. However, future books will need to include your input. Ladies (and men if you are brave enough), I need to know what you think those trigger points are. Please post your stories (with no names to protect the “innocent”) and your theories about the underlying “Grumpy Trigger Points.” I have my theories but I need to hear yours.

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